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Welcome to The Click!

Doesn’t everyone want to have all of their special moments captured and be able to keep them forever? At The Click, we focus on making every moment special, and having fun while we capture your precious memories.

Whether it is a beautiful bride, a precious newborn baby, a couple in love, or a yearly family photo, The Click will photograph every special moment so you can have it forever in a picture. With a few “clicks” your babies smile, your first kiss, or your first Christmas together can be yours forever even when the memories fade.

If you are in The Click you will quickly discover that we don’t just take pictures. We do way more than that. We create true moments in time through our seamless, candid, style.

The Click offers unique services that aren’t provided by the everyday photographer. Leah Layman, founder of The Click, knows how important it is to capture every available moment and takes her time doing it. Therefore, for your wedding she (and a second photographer) will stay with the bride from the moment she gets her curls until the moment the beautiful new couple drives away from the reception.

The Click wants to capture all of your special moments and preserve your memories from the time he slips the ring on her finger until the time your little ones are graduating high school.

The Click provides genuine care about your special days and memories. Photographs are truly all you have to remind you of your special day when it is all said and done. The flowers will die, the food will be eaten, but your pictures will last a lifetime. We care about you and your memories. Thanks for trusting us with them.

The Click is always looking for exciting photography possibilities and hates to put time limits on anything. These are your special memories and we care about that. If you have any special requests or ideas just ask us we will be there!

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